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They’re very nice people here and I thought oh this is a really nice small office and I kind of like small town America so it kind of fit me good. My son’s actually done a little work at Dr. Klein’s house so we got to know him a little bit through that, but mainly here through the dentist’s office. He is just one of those guys that’s just genuinely a nice guy. When you meet nice people all the time, but you can sometimes tell if somebody’s being nice to you just to try to get your business or to try to get a leg-up on you, but he’s just genuinely a nice man.

I was a little self-conscious about missing so many teeth so when you smiled, although they weren’t in the front you could still see that they were missing and I’m way too young to have a whole bunch of missing teeth. I remember the last 30 years I’ve been very, very busy trying to build my company and over that timeframe I’d have a cavity and say oh shoot, that’s just a cavity, I’m not going to go but the cavity turned into a root canal, turned into a crown and so probably 15 years of neglect led me to 8 implants with Dr. Klein, or whatever the number is.

He gave me several options from implants to partial plates to a full set of dentures. He kind of explained to me this would probably be the best with my age. They explain everything well to me before they do the procedure and a week later I come back and did a little quick checkup. I think the first two implants I had I had completely sedated, and then the last two it was an oral medication, or the last several times it was an oral medication. The best thing in the world if you’re apprehensive about the dentist at all, it’s the best thing in the world truly to not have any pain at all. You don’t even remember the procedure so it’s a great thing.

I would say to put as much thought into your oral health as you do your physical health. That’s where I neglected it. I never had time to go to the dentist but if somebody told me oh you need to be treated for cancer I would have been there in a heartbeat.

– Craig

I was a bad devil patient for the first 60 years of my life. I got wary of dental practices when I was a teenager in high school. The dentist had an old belt driven machine; a lot of technology has improved in the last 50 years or so forth. I’ve found a dentist here that I can relate with and I haven’t missed an appointment since.

I was riding in the AMS 150 which is going out of Raypak High School to Sedalia and back, it’s a two day bike ride. I was about 50 miles out and made a wide sweeping left hand turn and the last thing I remember was my wheel going over the edge of the pavement. I saved my bike but my face was pretty well messed up, so I had to find somebody to do some dental work and the first one I went to practiced only extractions. He was close by and he said why don’t you go and see Dr. Klein.

These teeth were damaged and I had a lot of root canals from a navy timeframe which was the early 60s, late 50s early 60s, and landing on my face as I did I knocked out a couple of teeth. It was a fairly process. We got the dental extractions and the teeth molds done and I was back riding in a couple of weeks.

I have no reluctance in recommending him and the facility here. I am proud of my smile. I smile an awful lot more and it’s a lot easier, a lot more comfortable, because I don’t have the sense that I’ve got bad teeth. It makes life a little easier; you’re walking in the grocery store or shopping and somebody says hi and smiles at you and you smile back and that opens me up a lot more.

– David

Well I used to go to Dr. Klein which would be Dr. Klein’s dad in Carrollton, Missouri and I needed a root canal and he sent me up here and that’s how I got acquainted with Dr. Klein and things just evolved. I had an infection so we had to take out the top teeth and get the implants.

I told him I was a big baby when it came to pain and he took care of that, no problem. I used the sedation for him to put the implants in and that went well, I don’t remember a thing. He told me in about 30 seconds you’re going to be out and I was. There were no problems afterwards. Actually he sent me home with pain medicine but I didn’t need to take any of it, just Tylenol when I needed it, no problems at all. I had several months of healing, but absolutely no pain at all.

I’m kind of learning how to talk again but it’s going good, I love them. I had tried a sandwich which I hadn’t had for six months while we were healing and got along good with them.

Dr. Klein’s very concerned about are you having any pain, are you doing okay, just very good bedside manner. The staff here at Highland Dental Clinic are great, you get a big hello when you walk in the door and there’s always something to talk about. Last time I was here when they went to set me in the chair, I don’t remember what we were talking about but it was very funny. What dentist’s office do you go to where you’re laughing when they put you in the chair?

– Dianna

I have been going to dentists for 60 years in three different states and he is actually the best dentist I have ever had. I feel so lucky that I had Dr. Klein for what was the most elaborate and extensive procedure I’ve ever had. In the last few years I developed a bone disease and gum disease, and by the time I came here to Dr. Klein the bone loss was so advanced that nothing could be done, other than full extractions and dentures.

Dr. Klein tells it like it is. It was very straightforward, he told me what was going on in my mouth with the bone loss and he showed me the bone loss so I could see the deterioration. I had three teeth that I could actually move around and he said well, your other teeth are actually in various stages of becoming loose so there was really nothing that could be done to correct the bone disease. So he discussed the options. One was what I ended up with which is the posts that are implanted top and bottom that my dentures click into and they’re extremely stable. These teeth, as I say, they just click in top and bottom, takes like five seconds, I use no adhesive, they are stable all the time and it’s just fantastic. I literally couldn’t be happier.

The sedation I had to have for the extractions was basically a general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist came here to the office and he put a needle in my hand, but I didn’t even feel the pinprick, he was just marvelous. The next thing I knew I was waking up. After the extractions I alternated taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen, I had a prescription for a stronger painkiller but I never filled it. I really didn’t need much in the way of pain relief. I had to use bags of frozen peas on my face for like 10 minutes at a time to control the swelling, but it really wasn’t all that bad.

I talked to the front desk and they told me what my co pays and the deductible would come to and the grand total and it was very affordable. My health insurance picked up 90% of the cost, not the dental, but the health insurance. What I did was I put everything on a credit card and I’m going to have no trouble paying that off at a comfortable pace for me.

I’m not a vain person, I’m glad I have this great set of teeth now, but it wasn’t a matter of getting my smile back or anything. Let me tell you what happened, it was really very rewarding to me to find out one day, it occurred to me that I was feeling better generally. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t feeling good because of all the disease in my mouth, and that was affecting my overall quality of life and how I was just feeling. I just figured that was normal how I was feeling, until I realized hey, I feel good. I attribute that to all that is gone, I’m fully healed, I have a healthy mouth and I feel generally healthier, so that was the most important thing to me.

The staff is wonderful, they’re just wonderful, they really are. They’re always friendly and cheerful and they treat me like I’m somebody they know. Dr. Klein though, I’ve got to say, Dr. Klein is one of the most personable human beings I’ve ever met in my life. You just automatically like him. He makes you feel completely comfortable. He immediately makes you feel like you can trust what he’s telling you because he’s just giving you the straight information, not trying to sell anything. It was always a pleasure coming here quite honestly. Dr. Klein, he is my favorite dentist of all time.

– Earl

Well I was an over road truck driver and I was coming out of a truck stop one night, walking back to my truck after dinner. There were some folks in the truck that was parked next to me and they were fussing and the lady on the passenger side threw open her door without acknowledging me and I got smacked in the face with the door.

It was a matter of just searching because the type of insurance I had, because it was an occupational accident type of insurance, there were a lot of dentists around this area that really didn’t want to put the time or effort into processing the claim. I happened on Dr. Klein’s website and read some of the reviews and what have you and I gave him a call and that’s how I ended up here.

I was extremely nervous. Just the initial consultation and basically him trying to get a gist of what I needed to have done and over that. Gradually I kind of let my defenses down and so far it’s been really enjoyable coming here and seeing Dr. Klein.

Dr. Klein works with several anesthesiologists and of course if you anybody can just manage to get poked with a needle, that’s the only worries you have. They come in, put me completely out and next thing I know I’m up and everything’s great. There’s nothing to it and that’s kind of the way I prefer it.

They’re bright and sunny, it’s just like a ray of sunshine when you walk through the door. They know you by name, hi Jack, how are you. They’re just great. Dr. Klein, the way he treats his patients, he treats them with kid gloves, he’s great. I can’t really say enough, but I personally think I’ve found my dentist. I really don’t see myself seeing anybody else.

– Jack

I had bad experiences growing up with dentists. My parents didn’t have dental insurance, my dad worked jobs where he didn’t have any insurance so it was probably my fault and their fault both. I should have taken better care of my teeth and I didn’t and of course you know how that goes.

He gave me many options, he said he wasn’t going to tell me what I needed to do, he said I could do individual implants, I could fix the teeth I had. My teeth were really bad; I had a broken front tooth, I didn’t have any back teeth because over the years I had them all taken out because it was cheaper than having root canals done. He told me it would be a lot better if, he thought if I just did total implants, so we looked at that option and the big concern was money. He said well we’re trying a new thing now with the medical insurance, so it was about a three month process before he finally got approval and new exactly what was going on, but when he got that done we scheduled everything and he got me in here quick. It was great.

He was really awesome and easy-going. He made me feel comfortable which most dentists I’ve been to have never done that. Basically he’s all about the client and making sure I was comfortable and at ease. He wasn’t going to do anything without me knowing. He was very honest. He made me feel real comfortable and real at ease. He was concerned about my health because I had high blood pressure so we talked about that for the sedation part, what I need to do and some other different medical items that I had.

I was really nervous when I came in, I was sweating, I was sick to my stomach, and he’s like don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of you, and he goes you won’t feel anything. I don’t remember anything, when I woke up I couldn’t remember anything which was great.

I had all my teeth removed, I had bone grafting done, dental implants put in, all at the same time, and then I had to let them heal. They were covered up with my gums, he sewed everything up. After they healed, about 8 weeks I think it was, approximately 8 weeks, maybe a little longer, then I came back in and he lasered my gums, put the healing abutments on and of course he took x-rays so he could see my bone growth to make sure everything was growing like it was supposed to. When I came back, after I had the healing abutments, I came back and he did impressions and then it was kind of a long process with my teeth to make sure my bite was right. He’s really good about making sure the teeth fit exactly like they’re supposed to, the bite is right. It’s awesome.

It’s weird having a full mouth of teeth because I hadn’t had, I’m almost 40 years old and I hadn’t had back teeth for probably 20 some years so it’s quite an adjustment. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth now. They’re a little different than my original teeth, for my family it was a big adjustment for them to get used to me having normal teeth compared to my old teeth.

It’s worth going through the hassle and paperwork you have to fill out to see, because my medical insurance paid quite a bit and I didn’t have to pay very much out of pocket. If I didn’t have that I would never have been able to afford these teeth, I would have just had to try to fix what I had.

I would highly recommend them for sure. Their staff is great, Dr. Klein is great. He did an awesome job on my teeth. He answered every question I had. I 100% would recommend them.

– James

In high school yes, I was accidentally kicked in the mouth while I was doing a header and that kick caused my front two teeth to be knocked out. The strength of the kick made me twist my jaw and, I didn’t know it at the time, but it chipped a lot of other teeth in my mouth including the back teeth and so I had those teeth replaced early on with the dentist we had at that time. As the years rolled on I got two crowns on the front and I had some work done on the other teeth, but some of it was left undone and I had problems over the years.

When I first came to Dr. Klein, obviously he had my file and he looked at it and he told me about the different options that I could do because I told him, I said I would like to, at my age, have a different smile and have reliable work done on my teeth, especially with what I had encountered before in my crowns on the front. I was very particular about my smile because I deal with a lot of people all the time and I don’t want my tooth falling out while you’re doing something, that’s kind of embarrassing.

He took care of what we needed to take care of, gave me some options and he explained to me what the financial part of it would be and how we could do it in increments so we wouldn’t have to do it all at once and it wouldn’t have to be a big financial burden on me. It’s very helpful to be able to be told and given an honest estimate of what can be done and how it can be done and what it’s going to cost you which I think most people are more concerned about. They’re concerned about the bottom line. They’re also concerned about the quality of the work that’s done and I’ve always found that his work has always been very good.

I think it gives you a level of confidence to know that you look fine. Obviously my wife thinks it looks really good and when I first met her I was actually just going through the process. Any type of relationship or interaction that you have with people, it’s a tremendous confidence builder to know that you look fine and it’s going to last. It’s good quality work.

I would say that Dr. Klein is a very comprehensive dentist, and by that I mean that he takes in all angles of what you’re looking for. He is concerned about not only the work he does for you, but whether or not you’re comfortable, whether you feel anything, he’ll explain to you what the cost is going to be and I think that he is genuinely concerned about how you feel and how his work on you. He’s very cognizant of whether or not you accepted his work and like his work, because he wants you to come back to him and he wants to be satisfied with what he’s done. I would give him a very high recommendation.

– Jose

Growing up I had terrible dentists. We moved a lot with my parents, we never stayed in one place more than 18 months from the time I was 2 till I was 14, so it was constantly trying to find new dentists and whatnot. It seemed like my mother always found the worst dentist in the world, they were always mean and old and I didn’t like them. I just felt that they, I always hurt after I left the dentist’s office whether it be to have a cavity filled or to have my teeth cleaned or something, so growing up I did not have a very good experience with dentists.

I went quite a long time with not having a tooth, almost a year with not having that tooth and I noticed I would watch my smiles and things like that so it wouldn’t show the gap and whatnot.

I feel like I’m kind of coming home; they’re always friendly, they know my name, everybody speaks to me. When I first went to go see Dr. Klein and saw him I was so happy. He was very gentle, he explained everything, what he was going to do to me, whether it was from getting my teeth cleaned to getting this implant now. The reason why I ended up getting an implant, I’d had a crown and it had broken off and it broke off even with the skin so they couldn’t put another crown on, so that was the route we decided to go. You can’t even tell that I have an imposter tooth there.

The only thing pain I had was a few days later and it was more like it getting used to the screw that they put in there to put that tooth on. I called in and he told me, “I can give you some pain pills.” Well he gave me a prescription for 10 pills, I took 1 pill. I mainly managed it with ibuprofen and just watching what I ate instead of hitting it.

I would suggest that you see Dr. Klein, he can cover just about everything from your small children to older adults. He can fix your cavities, clean your teeth, he’s very gentle, he’s very thorough, he just makes you feel very comfortable and it makes going to the dentist worthwhile. I have had a lot of friends that have come here and they have been very, very pleased with this as the recommendation that I had given them.

– Tammy

When I was younger I had a very bad experience and it kind of scared me away from going to the dentist and stuff like that. I drank a lot of pop and all that stuff so it just got out of hand and got to where I wasn’t able to maintain good dental history, and then I got so far that we had to have them all pulled out.

I actually started having toothaches and stuff like that. I actually live in the area and Dr. Klein was pretty close so I came in and he was very helpful and made it a very good experience.

I had a top implant put in, a full plate on the top, and then a full plate implant on the bottom which consists of, I have five implant studs in my top jaw and then four implant studs in my bottom jaw. After my surgery Dr. Klein was calling me within four hours to see how I was doing; he was very on top of his stuff.

It wasn’t as painful as you would think. The first couple of days were pretty rough but after that I mean, when you have that much pain in your mouth already that you’ve got to go this far, it really isn’t all that bad. It was kind of an instant relief honestly.

I had dental insurance and I wasn’t sure if my insurance would cover it. Actually Dr. Klein handled all that for me; he dealt with my insurance company, got everything approved and we proceeded ahead on the procedure and it was very easy on my part because I really didn’t have to do much and that was about it there.

It was a very good investment. I’m back to pretty much being normal, I’m still trying to get used to having false teeth in my mouth, but I’m back to eating whatever I want and I don’t have to worry about them falling out like a normal denture or anything like that. I’m very comfortable now, I’m extremely happy.

My biggest thing is I’m eating beef jerky again and that’s one of my favorite snacks. Before I really couldn’t do that because it would hurt and stuff like that. Steaks, you name it, anything you can think of I can eat again for the most part.

The entire staff is very friendly, they greet me when I walk in the door, they know me by first name and they make me feel very comfortable here. Dr. Klein in general I would give him, on a rating of 1 to 10, I would give him an 11. It’s amazing; he definitely helped me out here.

– Jeremy

My dental history actually started back when I was in my teens, I started losing a whole bunch of teeth. I went through a period through my 30s where I just got afraid of the dentist actually. I started seeing Dr. Klein, oh wow, it was probably July, 2012 I believe it was. I wanted to do a bunch of work on my teeth, I was at a point where I just needed to get it done and I knew what I was having done with my mouth was not my fault, it was basically something I was born with. I lost way too many teeth, I wasn’t smiling enough and I thought okay, this is a great opportunity to just get it done. I think the most important thing though was about that time my daughter got engaged and I was like I want a good smile in the pictures so that was really my goal for doing it.

I actually went through various websites to see who did work in implants, read some reviews on Angie’s list, to see and chose Dr. Klein. Really he was the only person that I went to. I had lost so many teeth on the bottom, the jaw, because you have to have bone space left and as soon as you lose a tooth you start losing some of that bone there. The more teeth I was going to lose, there was a potential that if I waited a whole lot longer I may not have enough bone left to do the implants. The implant was the only way to go. I could have done just a normal bottom denture without an implant, but given my age, 50 years old at the time, I’ve got a lot of years left why have something that food’s always going to get in, has a potential for moving. I thought okay, the implant is definitely the way to go for me.

Initially when I looked about ten years ago the price was pretty high for implants, especially an implanted denture on the bottom, and the price had come down to a point where I can do that, which is great. In my case I was lucky to have been able to have done it.

The minute that they actually got the implants fully in and in my case snapped right on, I could eat anything and everything. The thing I found out afterwards is because I could chew my food better, things like stomach aches went away because I think I was just mostly swallowing my food more than eating it, and it did take a little bit of getting used to it, oh this is what really people eat like and do that, which was great.

I feel like I’ve got a renewed smile, I’ve got a renewed feeling of happiness I guess because I am an upbeat, energetic person and when I found myself not smiling and not wanting to make jokes because that would force my mouth to open up and smile, it was bringing me down.

You go back, she was married September, 2013, I go back and I look at the pictures and I’m going I am so glad I did that, I have the biggest smile. Anybody who has a child getting married you’re going to have a huge smile; I think mine’s bigger just because it looks better which is great. I probably have visited 40 dentists in my life and I would probably say they are at the top of just the great service they provide.

– Tom

Everybody’s really friendly, it’s really comfortable, it’s not as stuffy as most of them would be and that’s an opinion so there, but Dr. Klein’s office seems to be a pretty even keel all the time. As a patient that’s the first thing you want, it’s to be comfortable because it’s something you’ve never done. The denture thing is scary enough as it is, embarrassing on top of it, but he makes you feel real at ease.

If you research it everybody’s complained with the word dentures about the bottom plate that will want to move on you, so that’s when you’ve got to use so much of the paste or whatever you want to call that, which I’ve never worn so I haven’t got a clue, it’s something I’ve never had so I can’t really compare.

I’ve had some teeth extracted over the years; not nice. You can feel, there’s no pain, but you can feel it — no thank you! He had an anesthesiologist here and he put the IV in and night night. It worked out well, I felt nothing. It wasn’t that bad, it’s tolerable, it’s tolerable and it’s worth it.

I hope my uppers stay for a while but I’ll do the same procedure on uppers with Dr. Klein’s office; they do a good job. I hope it takes a little while but I’m 58 so it’ll probably be sooner than I want, but I know where to go.

– Tracy

I met Dr. Klein through calling him in the phone book. I needed to call him because I had a tooth that was broken and he fixed it for me. My experience with other dentists have been just, they don’t seem to care as much as he does, they don’t seem to be as thorough. He goes above and beyond what others do.

At the time that I was looking for a new dentist I had an abscess tooth so I needed help quick and this office was one of the quicker ones that could get me in for an emergency type situation. I like that just because of the fact that it was an emergency so an office that looks at an emergency situation and will fit you in I think is important.

I have had to have a tooth pulled here, I’ve had to have fillings done here and then I’m having some orthodontic work. The orthodontic work has been really easy actually, a lot easier than I thought it would be and it’s going really well.

His chair side manner is great. He is never in a hurry. He always, even if there’s three other people in the office he always takes his time, answers all questions that need to be answered, like I said very gentle. The importance of being gentle to me as far as dentistry is probably one of the biggest things that I look for in a dentist. I’ve had horrible experiences with people being too rough and causing severe pain, and I’ve never had any problems with any jaw pain after I’ve left here. Even after I had my tooth pulled I didn’t even have to take any ibuprofen or pain medicine after that. Being gentle, I mean I would bring my kids here to have them worked on and they’ve always gone to a pediatric dentist.

I have not had to use any sedation options yet. When it comes time to getting an implant I may have to, depending on the type of pain that I’ll be in at that point, but when I had the extraction done they were able to do it at the office and he was able to numb me and use the gas. I was able to get through it fine that way which I was very happy about and all my fillings have been able to be done in the office as well.

I have put off having dental work done out of being nervous a little bit, mostly because of cost and they’ve worked with me very well on cost so I haven’t had to put off anything that I needed done here which has been very helpful. The value of the work that I’ve had done here is some of the best work that I’ve had done. I haven’t had any problems afterwards. I know some of the fillings that I’ve had done in the past there’s like little ledges or rough spots that the dentists don’t take care of, he’s very thorough with that to make sure I don’t have any rough spots. I’m able to come back and get those taken care of if I need to. If there’s any soreness or anything like that he actually calls the night of any work that’s done and checks on you after you’ve had fillings or extractions and all. I think he’s calling from home so that was very impressive to me and I felt very comfortable with that. I’ve never had that done from any dentist or oral surgeon or anything. I thought that was above any beyond anything that he needed to do.

My confidence level is excellent. I’m not nervous or scared or have any doubts at all about any of the work that I’m going to have done here at all. I’m totally confident in anything that he’s going to do from this point on.

I think that Dr. Klein’s going to be amazing at interacting with kids. I’ve never seen it but just his demeanor and all the staff in the office, everybody is friendly enough. I think Dr. Klein will definitely be able to overcome a lot of my daughter’s previous fears. She’s always going to have a fear of the dentist I’m afraid, just because of what happened to her. She was only four and had a cavity and they immediately went in and tried to numb her without even trying to make her comfortable. She hadn’t even been to a dentist at that point. She wasn’t completely numb so she felt a lot of pain and they started to drill and she was in hysterics by the time I left and had to take her to an emergency pediatric dentist. I think that he will be perfectly fine with her here, I think he will get along with her just fine and especially with the girls in the office here, between the two of them I think Emma will be more than comfortable here.

I don’t care where I move to I’ll probably always come to him for my dentistry unless I’m way too far away.

– Amanda

My daughter and her husband were patients of Dr. Klein. I remember asking my daughter, “How much do the shots hurt?” That was my first concern. I’ve had quite a few bad experiences, I’ve lived all over the world, I’ve had a variety of dental experiences, some of them not so pleasant. I was looking for somebody who would be gentle and Dr. Klein is.

He stops and tells you everything he’s going to do before he does it. I like that and he explains everything really well. He lets you make the decision and he doesn’t try to talk you into having things done that you’re not ready for yet, whether it’s financially or whether it’s emotionally not ready for that.

I’ve had a little bit of everything from cleaning to dental implants. I needed to have a good bite on that side and I couldn’t. I could not chew food very well because it took all my molars. It was just chewing at the front and you can’t really chew meat well that way and sometimes I’d choke because I couldn’t chew properly. I was very grateful to have that fixed and it’s worked beautifully.

He explained it really well, he gave me my options and he told me what percentage of people have a good outcome. It reassured me enough that I was willing to take the risk because I certainly needed more teeth on that side and I was very much ready to try something. I can chew meat much better. I can, I probably shouldn’t admit this, I can crunch ice.

One thing I’ve really liked about him is if you are in pain or if you feel anything if you raise your hand or something he stops immediately or he’ll stop even just to check on you even if you’re not. He’s just very considerate, very concerned about the patient and I appreciate that. It’s a lot different from some of the other dentists that I’ve had.

They bill the insurance and we haven’t had to really worry about it. We haven’t had to have any money out of pocket.

I have to say it’s the first time I’ve ever gone to an office where you don’t have to wait for half an hour to get in. In fact sometimes it’s a little bit annoying because you pick up a magazine and you find a good article and you only get about two paragraphs in and they’re ushering you into the other room. I think hmm, I wanted to finish this article but it’s nice, it’s very nice not to have to wait and everybody is so friendly and they smile. It’s just very pleasant and nice to be here.

I think it’s been worth it. It’s definitely a good investment. I wish that I had found a dentist like Dr. Klein earlier because I probably wouldn’t have let my teeth go in between. I definitely put off dental care, dental maintenance from time to time just because I was afraid of going to the dentist. I would not have done that if I had had a good dentist like Dr. Klein. I was very happy to find him, he’s very reassuring and I’m not afraid of the dentist for the first time in my life.

– Deborah

Actually my old boss came here because she just lives down the street. She started coming here when he first opened also and that’s how I heard about him, and I have several friends that come here so I tried it and like it. It’s very important to me to have a good dentist, one I can trust and who can make me look good.

I’ve had a lot of dental work done in my life, I have a lot of expense in here, so I know dentists pretty well because of my experience in the past. Dr. Klein is very caring, very gentle and I think Dr. Klein is very well educated and knowledgeable about implants and cosmetic surgery also.

The implant that he put in I know it took a little longer to do than the bridge but it’s a lifetime thing so I think it was definitely worth the time and money. It’s important to me to have a good smile, everybody sees your smile.

It didn’t really hurt, it just took time because it’s steps, it’s different steps, and because mine went up into my sinus here he had to put a little bone implant in here also so that’s why it took him even a little bit longer. It’s great, it’s sturdy, it’s there, it’s for life.

He did my husband’s teeth and gave him a whole different look; it improved his looks like 100%

I think there are very competitive with all the other dentists in town, they’re good value. They’ve been great, I’ve never had any issues with my insurance company with Dr. Klein.

The staff here is wonderful, they’re very friendly, I never have to wait for my appointment because they’re always on time. I think Dr. Klein and his staff are just very down to earth real people and they make you feel very comfortable when you come here. It almost feels like a spa, the ambience of the office is very nice, very clean. I’m a nurse so I like sterility and they do a very good job of that.

When I come here it’s close parking, I never have to look for a parking place, I can park and come right in. Like I said before, I never have to really wait, they’re always on time for their appointments and I’m always greeted with a Hi.

I drive about 25 minutes to come and see Dr. Klein because it’s worth it for me. I need a doctor that I can trust and feel that he’s very good at his job so that’s why I drive the distance. If you need a beautiful smile come and see Dr. Klein and his staff.

– Jill

I’ve had bad experiences with previous dentists, mainly being on time, you know, showing up at your scheduled appointment and have to wait a half an hour before you get seen. It’s very aggravating. My experience with dentistry in the service was just less than what you’d expect, it was always pretty much like cookie cutter dentistry. You’re in the door, in the chair and they think they want to pull something or make a quick filling and then you’re out the door in like five or ten minutes. You don’t get a lot of chair side explanation of why or what the options are.

When you’re with Dr. Klein we discuss all the options and all the different ways where we can attack the problem and figure out and discuss what the best plan is.

I’ve had different issues, mainly with cold and hot and things like that, mainly because of insufficient work by other dentists. Here with Dr. Klein we addressed those right away when I started coming here and it’s been totally eliminated now. I have a lot better experience eating and I don’t have to avoid certain items like I had in the past so that’s been a very welcome change.

Here with Dr. Klein I’ve had a couple of caps replaced and recently had a few upper caps replaced with a bridge for failing teeth. It’s all gone very smooth, on time, the scheduling is flexible and I’m just very pleased with the service.

I’ve had a lot of dental work in the past and sure, you’re always concerned about the pain. Dr. Klein is very concerned about that also and goes to great lengths to make sure that’s minimized. I feel like I have a pretty good tolerance for pain but my experience here has been very comfortable and pain has been very minimal.

How I would describe his chair manner is very, very nice. He’s one of the nicest dentists I’ve been to. He’s very cordial, he explains everything in great detail and I can understand it. He’s always anxious to have any questions and he’s very good at communicating.

Flexibility and punctuality is very important to me. I have a busy schedule and one of the things I hate the most is coming to an office and having to wait and wait. Quite often when I come for my appointment I don’t even have time to sit down in the waiting area, I get immediately seated and worked on and I’m very appreciative of that fact.

The interface with my dental insurance has been very clean, it’s never been an issue. They’re always very good to explain it at the time and with any questions we can deal with them in minimal time. It has not been a problem.

The staff and assistants have been very good, they’re always willing to work with me on schedule and when I come in they’ve always on time and seating me right away, making sure I’m comfortable and taking care of everything. It’s been a great experience.

Coming here is very nice, there’s not a big staff turnover so you’re used to seeing the same people here to take care of you. They know you by your first name as soon as you walk in. The office is always very nice, clean, with the latest technology equipment and everything is just kept up in good shape.

Some members of family moved closer to the area and I always recommend that if they want good service and quality care then Dr. Klein’s the one to go to.

– Jim

I found out about him through our interest company, we kind of searched some dentists in the area that were near us. I’ve had many bad dental experiences in the past. I’ve not had any bad ones here; this has been the best experience I’ve had. Most of the dentists I’ve been to seemed to not be able to get me fully numb. Dr. Klein’s a whole lot different to that. He touches the tooth for a little bit and then stops and asks me if I’m in any pain and if I am they will make adjustments.

There are a lot of options for sedation and gas which is kind of nice and I’ve used both; that helped tremendously. I have had a lot of dental work done here; I’ve had a bridge put in, I’ve had a tooth extracted, an implant put in and I’ve had minor fillings here and there. The most recent one was I lost a root canal tooth and I thought for sure that I was going to have to have another implant and it was not the case. He was able to save it which not only saved me a lot of pain but it also saved me a lot of money.

I didn’t have too many people that I knew that had any implants so I didn’t really know what to expect but he explained to me in great detail what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. Just hearing some of that was a little spooky but he seemed very confident in getting it done so it made me feel a little bit more at ease. I have the tooth now installed and it’s working great. I’ve had no issues whatsoever with that tooth.

His chair side manner is very good. He doesn’t just jump in and start going to town, when he starts he wants to make sure that I’m comfortable so he asks me before and when he starts he stops and asks me again.

The experience of the staff is fantastic, they really are. They poke fun and I like to poke fun. In one instance when I woke up from the sedation I was told by one of the staff that I had made her a deal to install some fins for her at a ridiculous price so we had fun with that for a couple of weeks. And the receptionist, we kick back and forth, I try to sneak out of here without paying and she catches me, it’s kind of fun. The girls that are in here helping Dr. Klein they sit down and talk to me for a little bit, kind of make me feel a little bit more comfortable while sitting in that chair.

The scheduling has been fantastic, they really work around my schedule. I like to do things in the morning before my day really gets started and they’ve been able to accommodate that. If I have an emergency, if I’ve got a tooth that’s bothering me I just make a phone call and if nothing else just stop by and he gets me right in to check it out.

My father has come up here and my wife also comes up here and I have my employees, I also tell them if you have to have any dental work you need to come up here and see Dr. Klein.

I have spent a lot of money in my mouth to make sure that I keep all my teeth. To me it’s worth the investment. I feel good about the value that I’ve put into my mouth; as I said I’ve put a lot of money into my mouth but I’d do it again.

– Ken

I was never fearful of going to the dentist however I became leery when I engaged Dr. Klein to review my condition. I was put fully at ease going forward with his work.

It was stated in the advertisement that he had the latest computerized equipment; I had to see what he had. With his equipment he can show you every time I visited, he can flash it up on screen and show the progress I’ve made.

I think the staff is tremendous. They remind me of my appointments and they’re very cordial and pleasant. I was totally convinced this was the place for me.

I had temporaries so I had to shift my eating habits from one side to the other side of my mouth. He carefully reviews all the necessary work that has to be done and the steps that are necessary to correct the condition and I feel at ease every time I get into his chair. That’s a good part about Dr. Klein; he puts himself I think in the patient’s chair and explains procedures.

Initially we had the items fixed which had to be fixed and then I had an implant performed and after the implants everything was rosy again.

Dr. Klein has taken excellent care and I feel that I have full confidence in his work and to date I still feel comfortable and do not have any fears whatsoever of going to the dentist. Dr. Klein to me is the savior of my choppers, my teeth.

– Leo

I’ve had a really bad experience where the expectation of how my dental work would be, it’s been painful, I’ve been very fearful of going for lots of years and so because of that fear I stopped going to the dentist.

I started doing some research and I found Dr. Klein’s clinic and there was another one but when you read about Dr. Klein he really takes a personal interest in you. I’m not just patient such and such, when he did the surgery and put the implants in he called me the next day. The anesthesiologist called me the next day just to see if I was okay.

This is the first time that I have somebody that sits down and tells me exactly what my options are and what he things is going to be best. He gives me lots of choices and then lets me make a decision.

You know what, for the first time in about 45 years I am not afraid of going to the dentist.

Dr. Klein made me a partial; it’s a new type of partial so that it stays in place and I don’t have the complications and that gluing it in 20 times a day.

Because of my fear I asked if I could be put to sleep so he put me to sleep and the next thing I know I’m awake and my husband’s walking me to the car. It was that simple.

The one thing that kept drawing me to him was the fact that he really takes a personal interest, not because I’m giving him money, not because he’s saying okay I’m a dentist and I can do this, this and that. He stands behind what he says and what he does. He really values me as a person as well as a patient and he makes me feel like okay, it’s alright, this is what we can do, and these are the options. He laid it all out for us, laid all the financial cost stuff and we can go this direction and it’ll cost you this, we can go this direction and it’ll cost you this, these are the options that I can do. From the time that he sat down with my husband and I that first time I never had a doubt that what he told me he could do he could do.

He’s given me back that confidence that says it’s okay, you know what Teresa, I’m going to make it right and they may not all be your natural teeth but unless I tell you that you’re not going to know that.

It does a lot for my self-esteem; makes me feel better, makes me feel where I’m more comfortable smiling and being out there and that’s a very big part of who you are and I feel comfortable with who I am. He’s done a good job for me.

– Teresa

How did I first find out about Dr. Klein? A family referral; I heard that he did good work and I live nearby in the area so I thought I’d stop by for a quick checkup. I haven’t had that many dental issues in the past, I’ve had a couple of cavities here and there, but since I’ve been in the area and I’ve been with Dr. Klein I haven’t had any bad experiences with Dr. Klein, only glowing recommendations.

Dr. Klein has a great rapport with his patients. He’s friendly and he talks to you about what he’s going to do and it’s not a high pressure situation where you feel like you’re rushed and you come in here and you don’t really know your doctor.

I had the porcelain veneers put on and just routine cleanings. I had one issue where I thought I might need a root canal and Dr. Klein worked with me with me, we did x-rays and just kind of held off and the tooth actually healed on its own. It was kind of nice to not feel like I was rushed to do a procedure where I didn’t really need it.

I think the veneers are a lot better than the bonding because I can floss between my teeth now and there were some real issues with just maintaining them. With bonding they would chip and then whenever you had to get bonding fixed then it would just kind of build on itself so you can get some discoloration. Thanks to the veneers you just don’t have that problem. You can floss easily, the look great, with bonding you can tell that there’s no space between and that the front teeth are actually connected; up close it really doesn’t look as good as the porcelain veneers. Now I get compliments on them all the time.

Dr. Klein is very cognizant of your pain tolerance and if you need anything he asks you beforehand do you know what and tells you about the procedure so he gives you a good idea of what to expect and if you need ibuprofen or something like that to dull the pain afterwards. I’ve never had any issues with that.

I’m kind of in between dental carriers right now so Dr. Klein’s worked with me a little bit and it’s just been a good experience.

It’s easier for me to come in first thing in the morning and that’s been pretty easy, I can work around 9 or so and then I stay late because most of my clients come in in the later hours. It’s nice to be able to come in and I know Dr. Klein starts out early so it’s been very easy for him to work around my schedule so that has been really nice.

The staff’s excellent; they’re friendly and helpful and always greet you with a smile whenever you walk in the door.

I really like that Dr. Klein uses a lot of technology in his practice. When you sit there in the chair you have a video screen that shows you your x-rays right then and there so that he can kind of go through with you your options and it really gives you a sense of comfort that you’re actually participating in the recommendations going forward. You feel like you have a controlling interest and it’s really nice to be able to see exactly the pictures that he’s taken right after he’s taken them.

A guy in my office was just asking me about a dentist the other day and I recommended Dr. Klein. I work in Lee’s Summit so it can be a drive for people but when people get a good recommendation they’ll drive so it’s not really an issue.

I would say that some doctors can be kind of pushy or have a cold bedside manner but that’s completely the opposite of Dr. Klein. He’s very personable and friendly and you almost feel like you’re gaining a friend when you come and visit the practice.

– Tyler

I have been through a series of a whole bunch of dentists and had bad experiences. A couple of people were very impatient, they weren’t personable, they were rather rude and I had lots of painful experiences, lots of them. I laid off from going to the dentist for several years and then I decided I really needed to find someone and I looked up on Dr. Klein.

I actually emailed and I went online and I saw a write up on him and he was in my area so I emailed him because I was kind of scared to call. They emailed me back and I took a chance and he’s the best. He’s the best.

When I first came here I had a space in my teeth which I thought was my personal signature anyway but once I got this I was like oh, this is nicer. He helped me with that and I had some spaces back here and he helped me with that also.

I don’t like pain and Dr. Klein really does help me with the pain. He tells me everything he’s going to do step by step, he’s real gentle, he’s kind and explains everything. I was comfortable, I wasn’t scared; total confidence. Everybody was so kind, they would always talk to me. We talk about family; it’s kind of like we’ve got a bit more personal than just the doctor business.

Whatever I need to do within my mouth, they always seem to work with me or tell me ahead of time how much it’s going to cost, what’s going to be out of pocket or if there’s going to be any out of pocket or anything. What Dr. Klein has created here, it makes me feel better. I feel better. I’m ready for cameras now. At home I didn’t used to take pictures, family pictures and stuff. I used to be in the background but now I do smile and it’s great, it feels great.

I haven’t had an inkling of an ill feeling or anything with anybody here; it’s been a great experience. I’ll always come here. I will grow old with Dr. Klein.

– Wandra

You know I don’t know how I was lucky enough to find Highland Dental Clinic; I’ve been a patient here for years. The staff is wonderful; they’re warm and compassionate and caring. I don’t know what else to say about Dr. Klein except that he’s absolutely amazing; his skill level is incredible and there is state of the art equipment and care. I’m very happy to be a patient here.

– Becky

This is one of the most friendly and professional dentist’s office I’ve ever been in and it’s no longer a dreaded experience. I rather enjoy coming here believe it or not; it’s fantastic and Dr. Klein is one of the gentlest dentists I’ve ever had take care of my teeth.

I want to thank Dr. Klein and his team for giving me my good smile back and taking such great care of me. They always seem to be very concerned about my wellbeing and making sure that everything feels comfortable and good to me so thank you again Dr. Klein.

It’s been a very good experience for me. The Doctor’s very gentle and I feel really good about coming here and I always come back.

One time we were at Deanna Rose Farms and one of the girls fell and I called my dentist and I never got a return phone call; it was out of hours and I never got a return phone call. I know that I’ve had to call Dr. Klein before and he calls me back immediately if he doesn’t answer on the first call. That’s very reassuring of a mother of two young girls who like to play.